“Gaia College brings back all the lost information that previous generations enjoyed; we’re here, let’s work with what we have and quit wrecking the planet”.

Sandra Hertel

We all have questions about the way things work, why the world is the way it is, and how we can help not only preserve but increase its health. Gaia college's Organic Master Gardener course presented simple yet detailed explanations of biological cycles here on earth. Between my classmates and I, we all agreed that there was one thing we were all doing too much of in our gardens, and that was simply just doing too much. There is no landscape crew that manages the rainforests, yet they seem to be doing alright. I will continue to study with Gaia College and further my knowledge in organic growing because there is a need for humanity to step up and correct our mistakes on this planet.
Micheal Regina

Congratulations on winning this prestigious award. True recognition. The college has changed my life and I wish I had discovered it earlier.
Elmarie Roberts

Today was our first class! I'm so impressed with the course material. Lots of substance and no fluff, just the way I like it! We viewed your DVD today on pesticides and it was so clear and concise. Thank you!

Tara Qua, Gabriola Island

Thanks for putting together such a great program, and you have awesome teachers!

Liz Nienaber, Victoria

Gaia College has given a focus to how I've always been wanting to live. Loved the course.


Thank you for your years of learning and educating yourself about the truth and helping us prepare to teach our children and grandchildren just how sacred everything is. I am happy that I can tell my children from a spiritual side and from a scientific side just how related we all are.

Chris Muscat

The OMG beautifully illustrated fundamental relationships within all systems on this living planet. It made me feel like I belonged to the earth and knew how to love it. I tell everyone, to take the course.... just take it! I would even take it again in a few years.... because I feel like there is so much more I could learn from it... again! I really enjoyed the experience... that I know is clear. I also really enjoyed you, your passion, your humour, your deeply intuitive knowledge. The OMG has inspired me...

Charlese Nan

The teachings of Gaia College could not be more timely than it is now and I truly hope that one day there will be Gaia "centers/colleges" sprinkled all over North America and beyond. My heartfelt congratulations go to you and your husband for this college and the courses you have created. I would just like to say that as much as I enjoyed learning the course, it was Connie that made it. She was an excellent instructor, passionate about her work and a joy to learn from. I think she's an excellent, inspiring role model for us all and a real asset to Gaia College.


It was great to hear about dowsing, paramagnetism, biological transmutation, and plant consciousness, which are barely talked of and generally unaccepted by the mainstream. It is truly miraculous how the soil food web functions in symbiosis with plants. I find it endlessly fascinating, and now realize how much respect the soil deserves. So thank-you! This has been a very valuable learning experience!