Emma Baker

Thank you! My head is still spinning from the excellent course that you gave us on the weekend. I have already begun educating others and putting things into practice. Look forward to the Turf Management course.
Emma Baker, Organic Gardener

Dave Dittmar

I learned more useful information in 3 days at this seminar, than I had in 2 years of horticulture college.
Dave Dittmar, Organic Landscaper

Raymund Luna

I really have to comment on the course.The principle is basic and simple but considering ... what has been taught in the academe (at least on my own experience), it was REVOLUTIONARY. Thank you so much for the awakening.
Raymund Luna, Philippines

Greg Kennedy

Once again, you did it. My Paradigms have shifted. I am going to sit down and start going over your book right now. It was a pleasure and very interesting. You did a great job!
Greg Kennedy, Trail

Don LaCroix

This course has taught me to look at the whole picture and realize that I'm not just raising food but caring for and managing an ecosystem.
Don LaCroix, Organic Farmer

Laurie Hardy

The course has given me a larger vision: the ability to stand back and assess those practical aspects of drainage, soil structure, irrigation needs, compaction concerns, site features and utilization, plant health and landscape protection. These practical aspects must continuously be related to the ever-present consideration of nature's need to strive towards a more balanced approach.Working with nature has more meaning for me, and, I hope, for those students with whom I interact.
Laurie Hardy, College Instructor

Alexanda von Rosen

I am thrilled to have taken this course and felt myself challenged beyond expectation. It was an incredible learning experience for me, and also a huge lesson in self-motivation, time management, internet and computer skills, and general perseverance.
Alexanda von Rosen, Organic Landscaper