Gaia College

Systems Thinking

This course introduces ways of examining a problem in the context of a larger focus that reveals connections to the situation that must be considered if the solution is to be sustainable, so that problems do not recur but stay solved. Read more...

Growing Food 2 - Advanced Practices

Here we will focus on replenishing and rebalancing soil nutrients with the goal of growing not just food, but complete nutrition for ourselves and our animals. Finally we will explore the rapidly growing field of quantum agriculture. Read more...

Living Green Infrastructure

In this course addressed at planners, policy makers and developers we introduce and discuss the complexity and simplicity of integrated natural solutions - low impact development (LID) and living green infrastructure (GI). Read more...

This is of the summer of
dreams coming true

- our dreams for creating the most leading edge, holistic horticulture programs anywhere.  And we did it, with help from experts across the world. We are so grateful for everybody who participated, thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't have done it without you.

So all you wonderful seekers of possibilities, do check out the treasures that lie in store for you:

Advanced Diploma In Urban Permaculture

Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to implement the change we need in order to make sustainable living a reality.  This unique combination of courses introduces you to some of the most leading edge science in the fields of ecological and social design, and will prepare you to meet the future with confidence.  This program is for all who see the possibilities and wonder how to get there.  Upon completion of 5 core courses and 1 elective, students earn the Gaia College Advanced Diploma in Urban Permaculture.

We are so thrilled to announce that Gaia College is the recipient of the prestigious 2014 B.C. Real Estate Foundation Private Sector Land Award for our work in teaching sustainable land care!

The Land Awards recognize initiatives that demonstrate leadership, innovation, and collaboration in sustainable land use in British Columbia. The awards celebrate and honour the non-profit organizations, private companies, and government bodies behind the well as highlighting the dynamic, forward-thinking people who make it all happen—leaders in creating more resilient, healthy communities and natural environments, and making BC a great place to live.

It is a great honor to find ourselves in the distinguished company of so many amazing people, all focused on sustainable and environmentally sound land use. Here is a short video about us, in support of our nomination: