Gaia College is a world leader in teaching organic land care with a proven curriculum since 2003.


Gaia College instructors and curriculum developers are pioneers at the forefront of the organic land care movement across North America. Having developed coursework and textbooks specific to professional level organic horticulture and landscape education, Gaia College has delivered educational programs online and through a variety of partner colleges and industry groups, with more than 5000 student enrolments between 2002 and today.  

Working landscape professionals and passionate leaders in the field of organic horticulture, Gaia College Instructors teach landscape design and gardening practices in a way that supports healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy ecosystems, while cultivating a community of landscapers, technicians, designers, landscape architects, community activists, organic farmers, and home gardeners. 

Gaia College Instructors have ambitions to bring about a new standard of land, air, and water care; standards that maintain environmental integrity, and can sustain us. 

“In the long run, I envision a world where organic land care is the industry standard."

-Gaia College Instructor, Christina Nikolic 

Please read more about our instructors in their profiles below: